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Salem Othman

Online Social Networks (OSN), such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus exist everywhere around us. Those networks are built based on meaningful social relations, but are just used for sharing content like comments, photos, and videos. We face situations in our daily life that require direct interaction with friends, family members, or acquaintances. For example, looking for somebody to write a recommendation for a job at particular company; in some cases we know exactly who can help, but we cannot ask him directly for some social reasons; and sometimes we may not even know who could help us. Despite the fact that online social networks sites are designed to help us, they lack the ability to connect us in a quick way to desired people whom we are looking for. Social routing, the problem of reaching a target node in a network through a short chain of intermediate nodes, where each node is provided with just local information has been studied since Stanley Milgram who conducted his six-degrees-of-separation experiment. Salem’s research focuses on explore a social online routing protocol that can find best paths for request dissemination, using friends’ network with privacy aware route messaging.
I graduated with a Bachelor in Science in Computer Science in 2001 from Omar Al-Mukhtar University in Beyda, Libya. After receiving my Bachelor’s Degree I worked as a database programmer. In 2006, I graduated from Sirte University in Libya, with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. While working on my Master’s Degree at Sirte University in Libya, I, investigated some of the APRIORI algorithm improvements and combined two of them, sampling and partitioning, into one algorithm which we call APRIORI-SP. I also implemented the APRIORI-SP and conducted a number of experiments that measure the relative performance of the APRIORI-SP algorithm compared with the sampling and partitioning algorithms separately. I came to Kent State University in 2010, to purse a PhD in Computer Science.
My doctoral dissertation is conducted in consultation with Dr. Javed Khan. My PhD research is in the areas of Online Social Networks (OSNs) and Human Behavior Dynamics in Online Social Media. My research is driven by a strong desire to allow Multi-Hop Social Routing in OSNs. For example, individuals cannot interact with of their Facebook friends or beyond without adding them to their circles; individuals cannot ask other individuals (e.g., professionals) out of their circles in Google+ for a favor; due to privacy concerns, incentivization, and cognoscenti’ levels. In my opinion, OSNs are the virtual world similar to physical world, but are using for exchange news, pictures, videos, and text. How I can improve current OSNs to serve people by using their social circles. My research focuses on 3 main areas: (1) design and implement secure and privacy-preserving social routing protocol for OSNs, (2) quantifying and measuring human behavior and interaction in OSNs, (3) design and implement a large-scale queuing-based simulator for OSNs using cloud computing.
A side from my research interests in modeling large complex networks and the diffusion of information within these networks, I am also interested in Big Data, Internet Of Things, Software-Defined Networking, and Graph Databases. I am currently conducting research on these topics in my spare time. Less<<<